The Chinese have used Tiger Thistle for the treatment of inflammation and other heat-related conditions associated with bleeding disorder. Tiger Thistle possesses hemostatic properties and is readily used to help stop or prevent internal or external hemorrhaging including blood in the sputum, vomit, or urine, spitting up blood, nosebleeds and bleeding of the gums. Applications of it are also used externally for bleeding of wounds, skin infections and abscesses.

Due to its inherently cold energy, it is useful for clearing up heat and congestion from the liver. This happens to be one of the best herbs in Chinese herbalism for cleansing and strengthening the liver organ. This prized herb is primarily used for treatment of warm febrile diseases with symptoms such as fever, swollen, inflamed lymph glands, deep red tongue, irritability, rapid pulse, colitis, burns, tuberculosis, hepatitis, jaundice and cirrhosis, nephritis and mastitis. Tiger Thistle is also recognized as a natural diuretic and as an effective remedy for high blood pressure.

Ingredient - 100% natural tiger thistle.

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