Tien Chi, also called Tien Chi ginseng because of its close biological similarity to Panax ginseng, is also called by the Chinese "the miracle root for the preservation of health." It stands as one of the most excellent Chinese health preserving herbs known to man.

China's most famous herbalist, Li Chih Shen, said that "Tien Chi is more valuable than gold." Since ancient times Tien Chi has been taught as a premier life preserver and general tonic - used for strengthening the primary energy. It has long been recognized as one of China's best herbal energy boosting tonics, and has been used to improve circulation. Like Panax ginseng, a tremendous amount of scientific research has been done on this amazing Chinese herb. Tien Chi is effective in maintaining normal body weight, helps one withstand stress and prevents fatigue.

The most astounding and significant research findings, however, revolve around Tien Chi's ability to positively affect the heart and its tributaries. Chinese research indicates that Tien Chi increases circulation in the coronary artery (the artery that supplies the heart itself with blood) and increases the consumption of oxygen in the middle muscular layer of the heart. This has led to the finding that Tien Chi can prevent insufficiency caused by stagnation of blood in the heart. Research further indicates that Tien Chi can relieve chest pain and/or the feeling of oppression in the chest due to angina pectoris induced by coronary insufficiency. Tien Chi has also been found to arrest both internal and external bleeding, while being able to disperse blood clots. Tien Chi has been distributed to members of the armed forces of several Asian countries to be used in case of injury.

Tien Chi has further been demonstrated to significantly reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood and coating the arteries. Research has also confirmed the ancient precaution that Tien Chi should not be used during pregnancy. Tien Chi has the capacity to cause the expulsion of blood clots lodged anywhere in the system. It has been found that Tien Chi treats an embryo as a blood clot, and can therefore result in abortion

Ingredient - 100% natural tien chi

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