Healthcare Herb Shop advocates the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to good health through the use of natural Chinese herbs. Healthcare Herb offers natural Chinese herbs and herbal formulas to help restore and maintain good health. Traditional Chinese Medicine is a natural medicine that offers safe and non-toxic Chinese herbal treatments for helping re-establish the balance within the body. The practitioner of TCM seeks to help the patient's own internal homeostatic mechanisms just enough for the body to right itself. Therefore TCM does not try to force changes on the body but rather provide the opportunity and support for the body to instinctively move itself towards balance and greater health. This working in concord with nature and not against it is what distinguished it from modern Western medicine. Because of this fact TCM works slower but more smoothly than Western medicine and usually without unwanted side effects. However the prospective patient must be willing to give Chinese herbal medicine a chance to do its job at the body's own pace in order to achieve the maximum benefits of treatment.

It has been shown that we cannot rely solely on our foods to obtain all of the nutrients that our body needs to function properly. For centuries many Asian cultures, when face with illness and diseases, have used natural herbal remedies to nutritionally supplement their bodies helping it to return to a state of balance and good health. China boasts one of the oldest herbal traditions in the world - a unique and widely practiced philosophy that have spanned thousands of years. It has been estimated that one fourth of the world's population have used one or more Chinese medical therapies. In addition an estimated 12 million patients in the United States visit Chinese medicine practitioners every year and there are over 7,000 practitioners of Chinese medicine practicing in the U.S. today. We strive to preserve the philosophy of Chinese herbology by offering traditional Chinese herbal combinations based on the principles of harmony and balance between the yin and yang elements that exist within the body.

TCM is based on the philosophy of yin and yang and the importance of maintaining balance between the two in order to sustain good health. To Westerner yin and yang is most easily understood as a symbol for equilibrium. They both depend on each other and keep each other under control. When the dynamics of yin and yang within the body is out of balance (either one becoming excessive) diseases will follow. Factors that can promote a disturbance in this balance include stress, injury, poor or irregular diet, emotional state, pollution and changing weather conditions. For instance if fatigue, pale complexion, poor digestion and assimilation, or a tendency to chilliness are prevalent, then a basic yang deficiency is diagnosed and treatment would be aimed at offering Chinese herbs of a warming and tonification nature.

Specific herbs have the power to balance the body's internal systems. Healing is achieved by rebalancing the yin with the yang to help restore harmony within the body and thus health back to the body. In general Chinese herbal therapies are best for functional disorders, hormonal imbalance and organic disorder such as changes in tissue growth. Therefore Chinese herbal therapy can best be applied to help resolve weak digestion and elimination, poor immune system response, estrogen deficiency and abnormal tissue growth such as tumors and cysts. The effects of Chinese herbs are usually observed after several days use, rather than immediately. However once the desired health effects are established they usually persist for a long duration of time.

We are experienced in the process of diagnosing disharmony of yin and yang energy imbalance in the body. With this information we can recommend the appropriate Chinese herbs/herbal formulas needed to help restore internal balance of yin and yang within the body. With application the body will gradually move itself towards good health, as equilibrium is again re-established. Afterward it is advisable to take a good herbal tonic to help supplement and maintain this state of balance and good health. This step is necessary for upkeep, as we age and grow old, and will also prevent a return of the original disharmony that afflicted us in the first place. Feel free to check out our testimonial pages from folks that we have been able to offer health assistance to. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have on how our Chinese herbal products can be of great benefit to your health.

That being said, please note the following - Information posted on this website should not be construed as medical advice. All information on these pages is intended for educational use only. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any specific disease. Please consult your health care provider if you have a serious condition. 

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Note - Nothing within these pages should be construed as medical advice. All information on these pages is intended for educational use only. Nothing herein is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any specific disease. Please consult your health care provider if you have a serious condition.