Forever Health Sinus-X Chi is a safe natural Chinese herbal decongestant and is used to help open up the nasal passage, loosen thick, difficult to expectorate phlegm, and clear congestion. It is useful for people that suffer from sinus problems and is effective at relieving sinus head pressure as well. Supplementing Sinus-X Chi with plenty of fluids such as diluted fruit juice or Sang Ji Sheng tea will help prevent sinus problems from reoccurring.

According to principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) many of the symptoms that manifested itself in the upper body can usually be traced to an imbalance in the lower body. In the case of sinus conditions the problem has its root in the intestines, which are usually obstructed and unable to fully eliminate waste. Many sinus problems caused by phlegm congestion and pressure in the interior passageway of the nose can be attributed to such faulty bowel elimination. If the large intestine continues to function in such an inefficient and effective manner it will eventually lead to chronic sinus conditions.

Forever Health Sinus-X Chi is specially formulated to assist bowel movement by relaxing and providing sufficient lubrication to the intestines. It is used to help improve intestinal absorption by inducing gentle evacuation of the bowel, helping to clear out accumulated fecal matter, mucus and encrustation from the colon wall. It is also formulated to help regulate fluid retention, sneezing and swollen nasal passage.

Ingredients - 100% natural magnolia, morus, zhi mu, kudzu, fritillaria, rhubarb, platycodon, mint, licorice, lilyturf.

Forever Health Sinus-X Chi* (60 capsules) - $13.99 To Order
(*not suitable for regular use if you have high blood pressure - occasional use only).

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