Scutellaria was first discovered during the Ming dynasty and have since been used by the Chinese in the treatment of various forms of tumor. Due to its antidote, antibacterial, antipyretic, diuretic, cooling properties and its ability to reduce swelling of inflamed tissue it is primarily used to attack heat toxic tumors and abnormal cells by clearing up heat excess, dispersing coagulation, and removal of damp-heat from the body. Because tumors (cancerous and non-cancerous) are serious symptoms it is very important that it be combined with diet modification (avoid heat/toxin enhancing foods), maintain regular effective detoxification and removal of heat toxins and build up of blood moisture/blood tonic in the body. These along with maintaining regular bowel movement and urination and having sufficient digestive energy to absorb appropriate nutrients into the body will yield much better results than any single factor by itself.

Apart from this major benefit this Chinese herb is commonly used for a variety of inflammatory and heat-infected conditions including abscesses and boils, snakebites and ulcerous symptoms in the stomach and lungs. Scutellaria is also used for the relief of heat congestion, blood detoxification, reduction of swollen lymph nodes, toxic sores, mumps and other skin eruptions. Last but not least, Scutellaria is also noted for its natural diuretic function of promoting sufficient urinary flow.

Ingredient - 100% natural scutellaria.

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