Schisandra is also named Wu Wei Tza which means 'five flavours herb' and is associated with the five elemental energies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This very special Chinese herb helps increase the functions of the kidneys, provide abundant energy to the kidneys, helps rejuvenate the kidney energy especially the sexual energy, relieves sexual fatigue and is quite famous for increasing the sexual staying power in men and women. Thus Schisandra acts as a powerful sexual tonic. It is also used to drive out mucous and 'false' heat from the body, protect the lungs and help build up the defense energy which flows in the skin. It is mildly sedative and calming in nature and is said to have pain-alleviating properties.

Schisandra is also used to purify the blood, beautify the skin and protect the skin from sun and wind damage. For these reasons and its relative scarcity until recent times, Schisandra was very popular with some of China's wealthiest women. It has been said that this Chinese wonder herb helps generate vitality and radiant beauty, brightens the mind and cause the skin to become radiant with regular use.

Ingredient - 100% natural schisandra.

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