Forever Health Resina Draconis is used to help arrest various types of bleeding caused by blood coagulation including blood occurrences in vomit, sputum and nosebleeds. It is particularly helpful when applied to damage wounds, as it dilates the blood vessels, allowing more blood to circulate to an injury to speed up the process of healing.

This Chinese herb is also used to reduce pain and swelling in cases of open sores. Its antiseptic effects are used to treat infected wounds as well as it increases blood circulation to the wound, help inhibit continual growth of bacteria in order to speed up the regeneration of skin to assist in the wound healing process. Traditionally Resina Draconis has been used by Orientals to help treat abscesses, bleeding wounds, cuts and injuries, skin irritation and skin infections when applied externally.

Ingredient - 100% natural resina draconis.

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