Rehmannia is an important Chinese yin (moisture) tonic herb that has an ancient history of use among the Chinese and is extensively used in many well-known traditional Chinese herbal formulas. It is considered to be a longevity herb and has a marked tonic effect on the functions of the blood, liver and kidneys. Modern researchers have confirmed its traditional use, showing that it helps protect the liver and is useful for treating hepatitis.

This Chinese herb by nature is purifying and cooling to the blood and is given to help lower fever in acute and chronic illnesses. Its cooling properties is reflected in its use for treating excess heat symptoms such as fever, thirst, red tongue, mouth and tongue sores, insomnia, irritability, dry mouth, constipation, irregular menses, night sweat, chronic throat pain, wasting disorder and general weakness and fatigue caused by the internal overstimulating and dehydrating effects of heat excess condition. Possessing cold atmospheric energy and moistening to the body's system while cooling the blood, it is considered to be the herb of choice for hot weather conditions. Besides it ability to effectively relieve internal dryness and clear heat from the body and blood, Rehmannia is also used to help those with impaired liver function and is used specifically to treat hepatitis and other liver disorders. By improving blood flow to the liver, it purifies and tonifies that organ. It can also help lower blood sugar levels.

This wonderful Chinese herb is said to be beneficial to the kidneys, lung and stomach as well. It helps increase the yin (moisture) of the kidneys promoting kidney functions and health, regulate the yin and yang balance in the lungs and help regulates the dampness and heat in the stomach and spleen. With so many health-oriented benefits, it is no wonder that the Chinese regarded it as a longevity herb reputed to quiet the soul and helps prolong life.

Ingredient - 100% natural raw rehmannia.

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