Oolong herbal health tea is a well-known Chinese tea that has been a popular beverage in Asia for over three thousand years. Oolong Chinese tea contains vitamin C as well as some calcium and iron.

The Chinese drink it as a beverage for its refreshing taste and healthy rejuvenating properties. Drinking Oolong health tea with meals greatly aids in the digestion of food and is particularly useful for those with weak or cold digestion. It is an excellent tea for indigestion and is often used to help warm up the digestive system by dispelling cold energy from the body during cold seasons when sluggish digestion is more prevalent.

Oolong health tea has diuretic effects and works to stimulate the removal of waste material from the body. It is widely used by the Chinese to help dissolve and reduce excess consumed fat in the diet thus aiding weight management. In addition Oolong tea is noted for helping reduce blood alcohol levels in the body. It therefore can help prevent and relieve some of the symptoms of hangovers resulting from excess alcohol consumption.

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