Motherwort has been called "good for mother", so named because this Chinese herb can be beneficial to mothers in so many ways, but for menstrual disorders in particular. It is a strong Chinese herbal blood and uterine stimulant useful for treating menstrual disorders such as delayed, stopped or painful menses, menstrual pain in the pelvis and lower back region, and menstrual tension and shock. Its primary function is to regulate blood circulation including activate the blood, regulate menstruation, disperse coagulation, heal edema, relieve abdominal pain due to blood coagulation after childbirth and control vaginal bleeding. Experiments have been conducted to show that Motherwort can activate the blood in addition to help reduce blood pressure and induce contraction of the uterus and labor. The Chinese have also used this perennial herb for centuries to treat premenstrual syndrome pain and discomfort, postpartum pain with clots, infertility due to deficient blood, irregular menses and to reduce swelling and promote urination. Motherwort was often combined with Dong Quai as a menstrual regulator by the Chinese.

Motherwort has been used throughout China as a remedy for the heart and nerves and is often prescribed for heart irregularities and palpitations. This native Chinese herb is noted for strengthening the functioning of the heart especially in conditions when the heart is weak and feeble. As a cardiac tonic it can help ease angina pectoris, cardiac edema and other heart problems. Motherwort is so noted a heart remedy that it has been said that "there is no better herb to drive away melancholy from the heart, to strengthen it and make the mind cheerful". As a sedative, nervine and antispasmodic it promotes relaxation while helping to alleviate cramps, gas, nervousness, irritability, convulsions and insomnia.

Ingredient - 100% natural motherwort.

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