Morinda root is called 'never-withering-and-falling' in Chinese because it is a creeping vine that hangs on persistently and never withers and fall to denote longevity according to the Chinese. The root of this native Chinese herb is widely recognized and used for its medicinal value and is known to be a source of vitamin C and calcium. Morinda is an excellent kidney tonic useful for warming up the kidneys to help treat impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility in men and women, lumbago and cold damp rheumatism caused by deficient kidney yang (warmth). It is believed that the yang energy that resides in the kidneys is responsible for sexual capacity and vigor.

In addition Morinda is also helpful for strengthening loins, tendons, bones, knees and legs, enhancing sexual function, tonifying weakened body tissue, increasing resistance to diseases and helping restore overall strength and vitality. TCM practitioner also widely prescribed Morinda for conditions affecting the lower back or pelvic region, including localized pain, cold, and urinary weakness, especially frequent urination or incontinence.

Ingredient - 100% natural morinda root.

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