Kudzu grows in mostly shaded areas in mountainous, fields and thin forest throughout most of China. This hardy, deciduous climber can reach up to 100 feet in length and have since been naturalized in the United States, primarily in the South. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Kudzu root has been used for centuries in prescriptions for the treatment of "superficial syndrome" - a condition that manifest itself just under the skin surface with symptoms of fever, thirst, headache, and stiff neck with pain due to high blood pressure. It is also recommended for the relief of allergies, migraine headaches, and inadequate measles eruptions in children, diarrhea and dysentery.

Modern research is currently focus on Kudzu as a cure for alcoholic intoxication, hangovers and alcoholism even thought its historical application for treating drunkenness is well recognized in China. Kudzu is also used in modern Chinese medicine as a treatment for angina pectoris. Chinese studies indicate that Kudzu increases cerebral blood circulation in patients with arteriosclerosis, and help ease neck pain and stiffness. In fact Kudzu is frequently used as a remedy for muscle aches and pain, especially when they are linked with fever or are affecting the neck and upper back. The root may also be taken to treat headaches, numbness or dizziness caused by hypertension or high blood pressure.

Ingredients - 100% natural kudzu root, hoveniae.

Forever Health Kudzu w/hoveniae (80 capsules) - $14.99  To Order

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