In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the kidneys are called the "root of life" and are responsible for providing the fundamental energy of life. The kidneys are considered to be the most important organ-meridian system in the body. In fact the whole human life cycle is believed to be regulated by the kidneys - birth, growth, development, maturation, degeneration, and death are all the results of the ebb and flow of kidney energy in the body. It is no wonder that the care of the kidney is considered primary and essential to life, health and longevity according to the Chinese.

Kidney tonics are therefore of great importance to the Chinese because they provide the means for sustaining the kidneys, which in turn provide the necessary energy needed to live a full and lengthy life. On the other hand, if the kidney's vital function of removing metabolic waste and filtering blood is impaired, the body will quickly become dangerously toxic and severe damage can result eventually leading to death. A deficiency of kidney energy can eventually lead to other disorder of the kidneys. Symptoms of low kidney energy include unclear thinking, listlessness, weak memory, backaches, fatigue, infertility, fearfulness, paranoia, weakness in the lower back or legs and bones that are easily broken or does not heal easily. Even many sexual and reproductive maladies can eventually be traced to insufficient kidney energy.

These symptoms all indicate a deficient amount of kidney energy in the body, thus the importance of replenishing and supplementing the kidney energy-essence cannot be overstated. One of the best herbal kidney tonic, known to the Chinese for this purpose, is Forever Health K-Tonic Chi. Its specially formulated Chinese herbal ingredients help tonify the kidneys as well as the liver and is also a rich source of easy-to-assimilate herbal calcium for building strong bones and tendons. The health benefits of Forever Health K-Tonic Chi are as follows:

Ingredients - 100% natural ho shou wu, schisandra, fu pen zi, psoralea, teasel, suo yang, eucommia.

Note - beside K-Tonic Chi, Forever Health Sexual Chi is another excellent kidney tonic.

Forever Health K-Tonic Chi (60 capsules) - $13.99  To Order

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