Arthritis is a chronic disorder in which the cartilage and connective tissues in the joints are damaged becoming inflamed, swollen, and stiff with diminished or deformed range of motion and pain. About 50 million people in the United States suffer from some form of arthritis. For more than 20 million of these people the symptoms are severe enough to cause them to seek medical attention. Unfortunately the drugs or medications that are used in the majority of treatments have serious long-term side-effects including irritation to the stomach, gastric bleeding, ulcer, weakened immune system, osteoporosis, increase birth defects, allergic reactions, ringing in the ears, nausea, inflammation of the liver and kidney, elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure. In addition over time their effectiveness will weaken. Therefore because of these disadvantages many people have turn to alternative herbal supplementing treatments to help ease their pain and disability.

The Chinese believe that arthritis is caused by toxins and dampness excess in the body. Forever Health JRN-Chi is formulated of select Chinese herbs specifically to remove toxins and dampness from the body and thereby relieve painful symptoms of the arthritis in joints, muscles, bones, sinews and meridians. Its primary pharmacodynamic effects are to drive out and remove toxins-damp excess accumulated in the body and to facilitate the passage of energy along the meridians. The natural Chinese herbal ingredients in JRN-Chi have been used for centuries to help alleviate arthritic pain caused by toxins dampness excess that have entered into the body's meridians and joints which can result in internal energy blockage and blood stagnation. JRN-Chi has strong blood moving properties which increase blood and energy circulation to the body's tender areas helping to reduce and relieve swelling, stiffness, numbness, motor impairment and pain caused by toxins and damp excess congestion. Additionally it is effective at slowing down the rate of joint damage caused by prolonged period of energy and blood stagnation.

JRN-Chi also improves blood circulation as well as help to eliminate excess water retention in the body - thus making it especially useful for water weight reduction.

Note - for maximum effectiveness it is recommended that JRN-Chi be combined with Sang Ji Sheng herbal tea to help tonify and nourish energy and blood levels caused by blood deficiency in the body.

Ingredients - 100% natural clematis, licorice, peony, job's tears, dong quai, dan shen, biota seed, liquidambar, gentian, rehmannia, Chinese quince, luffa.

Forever Health JRN-Chi (60 capsules) - $13.99  To Order

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