There exist many different types of cancer that have afflicted mankind but basically all forms of cancer involve the abnormal growth of cells that have proliferated and replaced normal cells in the body. These mutant cells usually begin as a tiny tumor and then spread to overtake more healthy cells and can eventually migrate to other parts of the body. Untreated these cells will sap the body's vital nutrients and energy leading to grave illness and maybe even death.

Treatment of cancer using conventional Western cancer therapy is usually accompany with severe side-effects such as hair loss, extreme nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, long-term constipation, sterility, inflammation, hot flash, fever and damage to the nerves, kidneys and heart. A growing number of cancer sufferers have contemplated a more naturalistic approach to cancer therapy, choosing to focused on nutritional natural herbal remedies instead. Many of these cancer patients have experienced health-related improvements and a sense of optimism when undergoing alternative herbal therapy. In many instants an ounce of prevention is usually worth a pound of cure. Thus the importance of removal of toxins from the body in order to prevent diseases from obtaining a foothold cannot be overemphasized.

Forever Health Immune Chi is a potent detoxification formula that has been used since ancient times in China to help remove harmful accumulations and clear heat toxins in order to help reduce the swelling of abnormal growth of various type of tumorous cells in the body. Additional health benefits include reduction and healing of inflamed tissue, removal of damp-heat excess from the body, dispersal of blood coagulation, stimulation of immune system response and protection against cell damage from free radicals and heat toxins. The formula in Immune Chi contains anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial properties making it valuable in treating many types of inflammatory or heat excess conditions.

Ingredients - 100% natural oldenlandia, burdock, Asian dandelion, houttuynia, prunella, dan shen, fritillaria, sargassum, chinese licorice, aloe vera, green tea.

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