When the blood fails to circulate smoothly and freely, one major result can be blood coagulation, which it is a form of blood stagnation or blood concentration in a specific area. Blood coagulation can cause the suppression of menstruation, menstrual pain, abdominal pain after childbirth and contribute to chest pains. Forever Health Hemostatic Chi is specially formulated of Chinese herbs specifically for promoting and regulating smooth blood circulation and preventing or halting hemorrhage. It is used to treat bleeding of various kind including blood vomit, nosebleeds, discharge of blood from the anus, blood traces in the urine, vaginal bleeding and bleeding attributed to external injuries. Due to its this formula's clot dissolving properties, it is renowned to be effective for any blood stagnation or blockages in the circulatory system. It is also used to help cool down the blood. This makes it useful for any blood related disorders associated with heat excess conditions in the body, such as bleeding hemorrhoids, pain and pressure in the abdominal and menorrhagia.

Ingredients - 100% natural bletilla, tiger thistle, pagoda flower, rhubarb, motherwort, madder, scrophularia, arbor-vitae.

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