Forever Health Heat Toxic Chi is specially formulated of natural Chinese herbal ingredients used for clearing excessive toxic heat as well as damp heat accumulations in the body. It has diuretic, anti-swelling and mild laxative properties, which is why it is often useful for weight reduction by many obese people that have accumulated an excessive quantity of water in their bodies. It is highly recommended that this formula be used in combination with a good digestive energy supplement such as Digest Chi, Metabo Chi, Ultra Fen-Chi, Fat Grab Chi or Thermo Slim Chi as well as with a blood tonic such as Sang Ji Sheng tea in order to help remove excess damp heat from the body. Heat Toxic Chi is not recommended for the weak or elderly especially if taken without any digestive energy supplement. Heat Toxic Chi should be used sparingly in the weak and the elderly. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or prone to diarrhea.

Heat Toxic Chi will help remove excessive dampness and heat toxins buildup in the body by increasing the flow of urine as well as watery bowel elimination in order to help excrete excess water and damp heat toxin retentions from the body within a short period of time. This formula is often used to help treat many urination disturbances and related symptoms such as edema, ascites, oliquria, gout, kidney stones, gall bladder stone, nephritis, hepatitis, jaundice, obesity, constipation, swelling, tumors, fibroids, cysts, skin disease, cervical erosion, leukorrhea, cystitis, kidney and bladder infections, swollen legs and feet, varicose veins, herpes, bedwetting and difficulties regulating menstruation.

Ingredients - 100% natural forsythia, lycium, prunella, Chinese licorice, rehmannia, scrophularia, corktree, fu ling, lonicera, tree peony, gardenia.

Forever Health Heat Toxic Chi* (60 capsules) - $13.99  To Order
(*not suitable if pregnant, prone to diarrhea, elderly or in a weakened physical state)

Note - In severe cases of edema or excess fluid retention caused by excessive damp heat buildup in the body, it is highly recommended that Heat Toxic Chi be taken along with a good herbal diuretic formula (such as Kidney Chi, Kidney-Flush Chi, K-Power Chi, or Prostate Chi) in order to achieve maximum result and benefit. Such a combination will help expedite the removal of fluid from the body for optimal water weight loss and reduction of edema conditions.

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