Due to the stresses of everyday life headaches are a pretty common occurrence in this day and time. It has been estimated that 90 percent of all headaches are tension headaches that are caused by muscular distress. The other 10 percent including migraines, cluster, traction and inflammatory headaches are the results of disturbance in the blood circulation to the brain or buildup of excess heat in the liver. Headaches that occur often may be signs of an underlying health problem related to liver inflammation and blood deficiencies.

The liver is responsible for all neuro-muscular activity in the body, as it helps control how the muscles contracts and relaxes. A person suffering from liver inflammation will feel this muscular tension in their central nervous system. The liver also tonify and provide lubrication to the internal organs to help them function normally. Many researchers believe that failure to maintain an adequate supply of blood to the brain can contribute to some types of headaches. Therefore blood tonics are essential to the liver as it help improve blood circulation to the brain and heart. The use of an excellent blood tonic such as Forever Health Blood Chi or Sang Ji Sheng tea along with Head Soothe Chi will help in the treatment of headaches and prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

The use of over-the-counter and prescription drugs are commonly used for headaches in today's society. However studies have shown that constant use of these painkillers can lead to conditions resulting in chronic headaches and may even have a rebound effect - actually causing headaches while becoming addicted to the drugs. Also these drugs are not effective for everyone and most have significant side effects such as stomach and bowel irritation, liver inflammation and kidney problems. Once the patient is hooked on the drug and suudenly stop taking them the headache will usually return with greater intensity, which would then require stronger medication. That is why it is always better to treat headache with natural remedies because they tend to address the underlying problem instead of just the masking the symptoms of the problem.

Such an excellent alternative natural herbal remedy for the treatment of any types of headache without the unwanted side effects is Forever Health Head Soothe Chi. Head Soothe Chi is a special combination of Chinese herbs for treating the symptoms as well as addressing the underlying cause of headaches. Its properties are as follows:

Ingredients - 100% natural prunella, chrysanthemum, peony, mulberry, mint, gou teng, zhi mu, wolly grass, dan shen, cassia seed, lotus leaf.

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