Belonging to the cucumber family, this herb is referred to as "southern ginseng" where it is grown traditionally in the mountainous region of South Central China. This is a region of the world that is well known for the longevity of its inhabitants as well as the low incidence of cardiovascular diseases. It was believed that the food and lifestyle there contributed to the well-being and longevity of its inhabitants. But now it has been shown that one herb in particular was a major factor accounting for the low rates of cardiovascular diseases in that region. That herb is Gynostemma and it works by emulsifying the cholesterol deposits that have accumulated on the vascular walls. Additional benefits to the circulatory system include lowering high blood pressure, decreasing the level of blood fats, and reduction in the incidence of arteriosclerosis.

Its importance to cardiovascular health is well-known but Gynostemma has other lesser known but equally important health benefits. Being an adaptogen, this herb has the unique ability to help "restore homeostasis" or "re-establish equilibrium" to the body's various systems, which includes the cardiovascular, digestive, nervous, immune and reproductive systems. Besides its ability to help lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, it also help increase good cholesterol (HDL) levels, boosts the immune system by elevating the number and activity of white blood cells, strengthen the digestive system by assisting in liver function.

Additionally because of its direct stimulation on liver function, Gynostemma helps regulate fat metabolism, which plays an important role in the body's capacity to lose weight. Forever Health Gynostemma contains amino acids, antioxidants and minerals and is safe for long-term continuous use. The health-promoting properties of this "miracle grass" are as described:

Ingredient - 100% natural gynostemma.

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