Fu Ling is one of the most widely used herb in Chinese herbalism. It is a superb yin (moisture) tonic and is one of the most respected herbs in the Chinese herbal system. This Chinese herb has been found to have so many beneficial actions that it has been since established itself as China's premiere yin tonic. The ancients said that Fu Ling restores and refreshes the body and relaxes the mind and when used regularly will help prolong and enhance the quality of life.

Fu Ling has several major functions for which is highly valued. First, it is the perfect yin tonic, which is defined as an herb which tonifies the yin structures and functions, and benefits fluid metabolism. Fu Ling does regulate the metabolism of bodily fluids and strengthens the bladder and kidneys in particular so that the urinary system functions optimally. It is a superb Chinese herbal diuretic tonic. Secondly, Fu Ling is considered to be especially excellent for benefiting the circulation of energy in the stomach, which is vitally important in maintaining the health of all the internal organs. The stomach regulates the production of energy from food and air as well as the elimination of waste. A third excellent quality attributed to Fu Ling is its action as a nervine, it is considered a heart tonic, and all heart tonics possess tranquilizing effects on the body. Fu ling is said to relieve anxiety and to help mitigate heart pangs. This calming effect of Fu Ling is also said to be soothing to the lungs and it is widely used in Chinese herbal lung tonics. Fu Ling is helpful in regulating blood sugar.

Fu Ling is considered the perfect Chinese herb for people recovering from a debilitating disease, as it strengthens the spleen and general metabolic functions and has secondary blood tonic effects. Fu Ling is often used as a tonic for weak and nervous people and also for frail, nervous children.

Modern research on this amazing Chinese herb has found Fu Ling to have tranquilizing, diuretic and hypotensive actions on the body. An anticancer agent have also been isolated from Fu Ling. All of this may help explain why the ancients considered this superb Chinese herb to be of such importance for prolonging and improving one's quality of life.

Ingredient - 100% natural fu ling.

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