Fibromyalgia is a chronic rheumatic disorder characterized by chronic, aching muscular pain and fatigue. Forever Health Fibromy Chi is a natural Chinese herbal formula useful for supplementing deficient energy and soothing the muscular aches and pain that are all too common to sufferers of fibromyalgia. Traditional Chinese herbalist believes that the causes of fibromyalgia is complicated by factors of internal 'wind-damp' excess accumulated in the body. The 'wind-damp' injury enters the body and moved into the meridians and joints causing energy and blood stagnation. This in turn creates heat and inflammation response as a result of prolonged stagnation which can further injure the body's yin (moisture) and eventually lead to weakening of the kidney and liver functions in the body.

Fibromy Chi is a powerful antioxidant of select Chinese natural herbs formulated to enhance immune system response and help protect cells from free radical damage, which is believe to exacerbate this condition. Its primary pharmcodynamic effects are drive out 'wind-damp' excess accumulated in the body and facilitate the flow of energy and blood circulation in the meridians. Once meridian flow is restored, relief from the painful symptoms of arthritis in the joints, sinews and muscles can begin to occur.

Fibromy Chi is a rich source of herbal calcium for strengthening bones and tendons, provides needed nutrients essential for repair and rebuilding of degenerated tissue, soothe and relax tense muscles and sinew and help reduce overall body fatigue. It is also used to nourish and tonify the liver and kidneys, help relaxing muscles and tendons, calming to the central nervous system and help fight liver inflammation. Unbeknownst to many practitioner of conventional medicine , many serious nervous ailments are directly linked to liver dysfunction. Fibromyalgia is one such condition where liver dysfunction is often overlook as being a relevant factor in its development and progression.

Ingredients - 100% natural rehmannia, suo yang, dong quai, cistanche, clematis, lumbricus, dan shen, corydalis, liquidambar.

Note - for maximum effectiveness it is recommended that regular consumption of Sang Ji Sheng herbal tea be taken to supplement dosages of Fibromy Chi.

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