Infertility has become increasingly more common in today's society as it affects 10 million Americans. In one fifth of these cases, both the men and women have problems that make it difficult for them to conceive. In the remaining cases the problem is equally likely to affect either partners. Conventional infertility treatments often have side effects and poses financial and ethical dilemmas for some women whereas herbal and nutritional supplements may be an effective alternative.

Assuming relatively good health with normal and regular bowel movements and urination, the following Chinese herbs and herbal supplements are essential to help correct hormonal imbalance, ovulation problems and weak uterus and other health conditions which can contribute to infertility in both women and men:

Infertility occurrences in most women are directly related to blood deficiencies in the body. Sang Ji Sheng is a premiere herb for blood deficient condition in both men and women, however because menses equate to the female sex it is also called women's blood tonic by the Chinese. Women's health is as closely related to blood as men's is to qi (energy). Therefore it is widely needed for all gynecological conditions with blood deficiencies symptoms including infertility, irregular menstruation, stopped menstruation, scanty, light red menses, menopause imbalances, blood stagnation causing painful abdominal obstruction and menstrual aches and pains. Click for additional Sang Ji Sheng health benefits.

An important Chinese herbal formula for treating infertility is Forever Health Kidney Chi. Kidney Chi is a natural herbal diuretic used to clear up damp-heat conditions especially for reducing excess heat toxins and preventing infections of the kidneys, uterus, and urinary and reproductive tracts. It is used to purify the kidneys and uterus to prevent injuries of damp heat which, over time, will lead to insufficient secretion of sexual hormones, lowered sperm mobility, reduced sperm count and abnormal sperm production which is a leading cause of infertility in both men and women. In addition the sperm, once it have entered the women's body, is at risk due to excess damp heat accumulations. Such damp heat toxins in the women is fatal to the survival of the male sperm cells. Kidney Chi can improve their rate of survival by helping to clear up and eliminate such damp heat conditions in the women's body. Click for more info on Kidney Chi.

Another major Chinese herbal formula for combating infertility is Forever Health Fertility Chi. Fertility Chi is an excellent herbal kidney and liver tonic. It helps strengthen and provide energy for enhanced kidney function and aid fertility by increasing sexual hormones and sperm count production. It is also an excellent sexual tonic and helps to tonify the kidneys and liver, nourishes and strengthens the female reproductive organ and aids the production of semen in the body. The Chinese believes that the kidneys help control the reproductive glands and secretions as well as other physiological aspects of reproduction including female fertility cycle, pregnancy and fetal development. Any reproductive maladies, separate from congenital defects and sustained physical injury, that develops can eventually be traced to impaired kidney function. The importance of the kidneys to fertility, healthy pregnancy and birth just cannot be overemphasize as they also help increase circulation to the kidneys and reproductive organs and strengthen the lining of the uterus.

Because these Chinese herbal supplements works at the body's own pace, in concordance with nature, and not against it, unlike some other conventional fertility treatment, it may take anywhere from 3 to 6 months of dedicated use in order to notice any effects. Apart from the obvious fertility benefits these natural Chinese herbs and herbal formulas have, they can also help improve overall health and well-being when taken regularly and is devoid of any ill side effects.

Ingredients - 100% natural suo yang, plantain seed, rehmannia, ho shou wu, schisandra, dan shen, motherwort, blackberry.

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