Gallstones are pebble like clumps of cholesterol or other digestive substances that have formed in the gallbladder, blocking the bile ducts and inflaming the gallbladder causing intense abdominal pain. Forever Health Expel Chi is a natural alternative to aid in the relief of gallbladder stones. It may also be used long-term to help provide some relief from associated gallbladder pain due to inflammation.

Expel Chi can be used to clean the liver and gallbladder and help promote liver bile production and excretion. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it can also help reduce swelling and inflammation of the gallbladder and liver and help prevent excess heat and toxins build-up and congestion in the liver and gallbladder. In addition it is also a natural diuretic, which can help eliminate excess fluid by increasing quantity and frequency of urination and help disperse or dissolve stones that may have formed such as gallbladder, kidney or urinary stones.

Ingredients - 100% natural mume plum, coin grass, clematis, peony, Chinese licorice, dan shen, achyranthes, poncirus, job's tears, artemisia, job's tears, bupleurum.

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