Since the dawn of Chinese herbalism, the dried bark known as Eucommia has been recognized as one of China's pre-eminent tonic herbs. It was discovered second only to ginseng in the first pharmacopoeia of China. Though it has always been regarded with esteem equal to any of the major tonics, it has not been used nearly as much as the other tonics such as astragalus or atractylodes. This is primary because of its relative scarceness.

Eucommia is considered a superb tonic to the kidneys and liver. This remarkable Chinese herb is very popular as a sexual tonic and is used by those who are impotent or suffer from lumbago, frequent urination, restless fetus, lumbago in pregnant woman, ringing in the ears, dizziness and weakness and fatigue due to kidney deficiencies. Eucommia has also been found to contain herbal calcium to provide nutrients for strengthening bones, sinews, cartilages, tendons, enhancing kidney function and reducing blood fat in the body.

Ingredient - 100% natural eucommia.

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