Approximately seventy five percent of women in the United States have suffered from hot flash symptoms during menopause period. Instead of using synthesis estrogen, many have preferred to use natural herbal supplement to help relieve the symptoms of discomfort. This is mainly due to the health side effects caused by synthetic estrogen that is largely absent in natural herbal remedy. These side effects include possible increase risk of breast and ovarian cancer, gallbladder disease, weight gain, breast tenderness, fluid retention, uterus bleeding and blood clot formation and perhaps even Alzheimer's disease.

An excellent natural women's herbal formula that is devoid of such side-effects is Forever Health Estro-X Chi. Estro-X Ch is a natural Chinese herbal supplement specially blended to help restore a woman's hormonal balance, primarily by increasing the natural estrogen level in the body. It is also a natural woman's tonic for soothing the central nervous system, as it is often used as a mild tranquilizer or antispasmodic for nervous conditions.

This herbal formula contains natural estrogenic and plant-based compound (phytoestrogent) substances that can reduce an assortment of female complaints that arises during menopausal period such as nervousness, night sweats, irritability, hot flash and vaginal dryness and discomfort. Women that choose to use Estro-X Chi will receive many of the benefits of synthesis estrogen but without any of the associated health risks. In fact, regular applications of Estro-X Chi can actually help protect the body against certain types of cancer.

Ingredients - 100% natural rehmannia, creeping lilyturf, dan shen, Chinese licorice, Chinese yam, fritillaria, niu xi, gentiana, alisma, lycium, fu ling, kudzu, hoveniae.

Forever Health Estro-X Chi (60 capsules) - $13.99  To Order

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