According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the most common cause of bed-wetting especially in children is usually due to the imbalance of kidney (qi) energy deficiency and excess fluid retention in the bladder. Drug therapy is considered less effective because most children usually relapse after stopping the medication.

Forever Health Enuresis Chi is specially formulated to help alleviate bed-wetting and frequent urination (especially at night or urinal incontinence) due to bladder and kidney deficiency. This natural Chinese herbal formula helps tone and strengthens the kidney and bladder. Enhanced kidney and bladder functions will increase bladder capacity to better retain urine in the bladder and help control bed-wetting and frequent night time urination.

By strengthening and tonifying the kidney and bladder the Chinese believe that more control over the pelvis muscle can be exercised to help regulate the release of urine. Once strengthen, the kidney can better regulate the internal fluid balance in the body while the bladder can better control the accumulation and excretion of urine from the body. On the other hand weakened kidney and bladder function can result in bed-wetting and frequent uncontrollable nighttime urination cause by the body's inability to regulate the pace and frequency of elimination. Therefore Enuresis Chi is an excellent all-natural Chinese herbal remedy for addressing this embarrassing and socially taboo condition.

Ingredients - 100% natural fu ling, schisandra, Chinese yam, jinyingzi, ligusticum, teasel, black cardamon, suo yang, psoralea, blackberry, leekseed.

Note - for extreme condition of bed wetting it is advisable to supplement Enuresis Chi with Kidney Chi. Regular use of Enuresis Chi before bedtime can help control release of urine during the night while regular dosages of Kidney Chi can assist in increasing the flow of urine during the day and thus prevent excess fluid retention during the night.

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