We all know that if we consume more calories than we can burn off we'll gain weight. Over time our bodies will accumulate excessive toxins and impurities that can further impede our digestion leading to a slow down in our metabolic rate. Our Superior Nature Cleanse Chinese herbal formulas are an excellent herbal laxative formulated for the removal of such toxins and impurities from the body. The Superior Nature Cleanse herbal formulas differs from other bowel cleansing preparations on the market in the amount of time that it takes for it to perform its function. Whereas other laxatives require several days to several weeks, Superior Nature Cleanse herbal formulas need only one day, in most cases. The purgative properties of all laxatives will rob energy from the stomach causing weakness in the stomach and digestive system. But the greatly shorten length of time, for someone using Superior Nature Cleanse over other laxative preparation, will result in a less weakened stomach and digestive system. The stronger the energy that exists in the stomach and digestive system after cleansing, the less likely it is that food will remain stagnant and undigested in the stomach. Stagnant and undigested food, given time, will cause bloating of the stomach, gas formation, weight gains and spreading of toxins from the putrefaction process. Using our Superior Nature Cleanse Chinese herbal formulas for bowel cleansing - many of these problems can be prevented or greatly reduced.

Many people use the Superior Nature Cleanse Chinese herbal formulas as the first step in their weight-loss program. After just 1 day's use of this Chinese wonder herbal laxative, many have reported weight loss of up to 6 pounds. This is just from the removal of stagnant and undigested foods, toxins, impurities, sludge, damp-heat and gas that have accumulated in their bodies over many years. Superior Nature Cleanse is also very unique - it doesn't come in a bottle but is rather composed of 3 packets of precisely formulated raw Chinese bulk herbs and comes with complete preparation instructions. Its ingredients have been used safely and effectively by millions of Chinese for centuries and contain special ingredients in its formula to prevent excess weakening of the stomach energy. Thus the formulas in Superior Nature Cleanse combine the strength of bulk herbs, with the safety and effectiveness of usage that is backed by one of the oldest and best known natural healthcare system in the world - all at an extremely affordable price. Other herbal laxatives just don't even begin to compare in quality, safety and effectiveness. Click here for more info on the Superior Nature Cleanse Chinese herbal formulas

After taking a laxative for bowel cleansing it is advisable that one takes a tonic to supplement their stomach energy. This is particularly true for those of us that are less than fit physically, overly stressed, sick or the elderly as they usually have an insufficient amount of stomach energy to begin with. A body with less than sufficient or weakened stomach/digestive energy will more easily re-accumulate stagnant and undigested food which can then contribute to excess weight gains. That's where Forever Health Digest Chi can play an important role in the war against obesity. Digest Chi is formulated to provide nutritional support to strengthen the energy of a weakened or depressed stomach/digestive system. In addition Digest Chi provides enzymes to assist in food digestion and assimilation. This is particularly of interest to those of us that are trying to lose weight. We all know that people whom goes to sleep shortly after a big dinner is more likely to gain weight. Thus dinner should be relatively light because the body's metabolism will have slowed down while we are resting. Digest Chi taken after a meal will help speed up the process of food digestion preventing stagnant and undigested food from accumulating and thus slowly changing into excess fat. Digest Chi is a safe, all natural Chinese herbal supplement formulated to help food digestion. Its functions are:

Ingredients - 100% natural costus, dang shen, lai fu zi, hawthorn, psoralea, ginger, shen qu, donq quai, polygonatum, barley, pei dan, astragalus, atractylodes.

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