Di Fu Zi is a superb natural diuretic tonic and is used to treat urinary problems by eliminating retained water through increased urine flow. It is useful against all symptoms of edema and fluid retention associated with damp heat conditions. Common symptoms of damp heat includes difficult urination, painful urination, painful or stiff joints and sinews, jaundice, skin sores and rashes, excess cystic irritation, phlegm, swelling and leukorrhea.

This Chinese herb has also been used effectively in the treatment of cystitis and prostate, bladder, kidneys and urinary tract inflammations and infections attributed to damp heat excess. Di Fu Zi promotes optimal urinary tract function by strengthening and tonifying the bladder and kidneys. By providing nourishment and enhanced circulation to the kidneys and urinary system it helps regulate the metabolism of fluids in the body.

Ingredient - 100% natural di fu zi.

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