Curcuma is a perennial herb common to China, India and Eastern Asia. Belonging to the same family as turmeric, and also refer to as wild turmeric, with the important difference that Curcuma is cooler by nature than cooking turmeric. Curcuma is used primarily for moving both stagnant blood and qi (energy) in the body. This makes it effective for treating traumatic injuries because it can help break up blood stasis and dissolve blood clots. This Chinese herb is also widely used to remedy conditions of stagnant liver qi. By promoting the flow of both liver qi and blood in the body, relieve of pain and pressure in the chest, sides and abdomen attributed to liver stagnation is achieved.

Additional benefits of Curcuma include the ability to relieve indigestion, nausea, flatulence and bloating. Curcuma is also noted for helping cool the blood, remove phlegm from the lungs and stimulate and nourish the gallbladder.

Ingredient - 100% natural curcuma.

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