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Why Superior Nature Cleanse Chinese herbal detoxification formulas are superior

We now carry Superior Nature Cleanse colon detoxification formulas that are comprised of different Chinese bulk herbs specifically formulated to assist in the thorough detoxification of the colon as a prelude to improving one's health, well-being, and enhancing one's natural healing abilities. This is one of the most complete and effective herbal colon-cleansing formulas available today. Its use can purge accumulated toxins and impurities from the body, which can deplete and degrade one's health and energy level, usually within 24 hours. After use of the Superior Nature Cleanse Chinese herbal colon-cleansing formulas many people have reported weight loss of up to 6 pounds in a day.

Each order of Superior Nature Cleanse colon detoxification formulas consist of

Modern diets, health habits, and nutritional deficiencies weaken our bodies, which can result in the accumulation of toxins in our body over a prolonged period of time. This is manifested in dryness and dehydration of the colon, leading to constipation, and is caused by a deficiency of yin and blood in the body.

Each order of Superior Nature Cleanse formula contains 3 colon cleansing Chinese herbal formulas consisting of 1 Superior Nature Cleanse packet, 1 Superior Energy Cleanse packet and 1 Superior Nature Lubrication packet. Due to the effectiveness of these Chinese herbal laxative formulas, this is all that is necessary in order to achieve the desired results in most cases. Constant or prolonged use of this or any other colon cleansing formulas can result in excess dehydration and weakening of the digestive system, which can result in low energy and the re-accumulation of toxins in the body and should therefore be avoided.

After taking the Superior Nature Cleanse Chinese herbal colon cleansing formulas with health restored, it is then advisable to take a good Chinese herbal digestive tonic to help supplement the stomach and digestive energy, which is so very important for maintaining good digestive health and continual effective weight loss. Such an excellent digestive tonic is Forever Health Digest Chi.

Superior Nature Cleanse colon detoxification formulas* w/Digest Chi** (60 capsules) - $29.99  To Order  (DOMESTIC SALES ONLY)
(consists of 3 packets raw bulk herbs, 1-superior nature cleanse, 1-superior energy cleanse, 1-superior nature lubrication formulas)
(this product is non-refundable, please be sure that you want it before ordering) (*not suitable if pregnant, prone to diarrhea or in a weakened physical state)
**Digest Chi is highly recommended, after cleansing, to help increase body and stomach metabolism and to strengthen and maintain sufficient digestive energy necessary for good digestive health and continual weight loss.

Superior Nature Cleanse formula ingredients - Turkey Rhubarb, Senna Leaves, Licorice, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Scrophularia Root, Red Sage Root, Mulberry Fruit, Prunella Spike, Bamboo Leaves, Glauber's Salt.

Superior Energy Cleanse formula ingredients - Atractylodes, Rehmannia, Red Sage Root, Cistanche, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Scrophularia Root.

Superior Nature Lubrication formula ingredients - Rehmannia, Bamboo Leaves, Licorice, Red Sage Root, Wood Peony, Mulberry Fruit, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Motherwort, Prunella Spike, Scrophularia Root, Wolly Grass.

Senna Leaf/Lubrication Cleanse program* - $23.99  To Order  (DOMESTIC SALES ONLY)
(consists of 2 packets raw bulk herbs, 1-senna leaf, 1-superior nature lubrication formula and 1 bottle (60 caps) of Digest Chi)  (cannot ship to P. O. Box) (this product is non-refundable, please be sure that you want it before ordering)
(*not suitable if pregnant, prone to diarrhea or in a weakened physical state)

Superior Nature Lubrication formula* - $6.00  To Order  (DOMESTIC SALES ONLY)
(consists of 1 packet raw bulk herbs) (this product is non-refundable, please be sure that you want it before ordering)

***Note - The above formulas consist of raw Chinese bulk herbs, hence its potency when compared to capsules and other pre-processed colon cleansing products and requires a fair amount of preparation. A detailed preparation and consumption instruction is enclosed with your order. The properly prepared decoctions will have a bitter taste which you can make more palatable with the addition of some honey or sugar. If you are NOT serious about colon cleansing or are more concerned with convenience rather than maximum effectiveness please do not order this product. Instead use our Forever Health Bowel Cleanse Chi formula (capsule format) for milder, gentler cleansing. Due to the raw nature of these formulas there is no return or exchange on this product. Please be certain that you want this product before ordering it.

Note - Additional postage may be required when shipping this item - see shipping info.

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