Chinese Yam is one of several herbs currently under medical research in China as a tonic restorative for immune deficiencies in humans. The Chinese have used this herb for centuries to help restore impaired immunological function, stimulate secretions of vital immune hormones and enhance overall immune system response throughout the body. Chinese Yam is an important yin (moisture) tonic that is said to benefit the spirit, promote flesh development and when taken habitually, to brighten the intellect and help prolong life. It also serves as a good stomach-spleen tonic and is reputed to stabilize the spleen and help with digestion. It is said to be effective in helping establish peace of mind and a sense of harmony and well-being within oneself and the surrounding environment.

This often overlooked Chinese herb has cooling properties and has been found to contain hormone precursors that are useful for minimizing adverse symptoms associated with menopause in women. It's cooling nature helps control and regulates excess heat accumulations in the blood, spleen and stomach and helps moisturize internal dryness of the spleen and stomach. In addition Chinese Yam has also been used to lower blood sugar and to treat diabetic symptoms in China for generations. It is a good source of natural herbal yin (estrogen) hormone without any of the ill side-effects.

Ingredient - 100% natural Chinese yam.

Note - the natural energy in Chinese Yam is very different from the Western variety of yam found in the states. Chinese Yam has cooling properties, which makes it a superb yin (moisture) tonic and effective at regulating blood sugar level whereas Western Yam is warming by nature and therefore has different therapeutic properties.

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