Chinese Licorice root stands next to ginseng in importance in Chinese herbalism. It is one of the most widely used of all Chinese herbs. It is believed to help neutralize poisons and toxins from the system and to eliminate side effects from other herbs used with it. It is also effective in relieving the intoxication due to bad foods, drugs and alcohol. Thus the Chinese calls it the 'great detoxifier' and the 'great adjunct'.

Chinese Licorice is said to help revitalize impaired stomach energy. It helps supplement the energy and strikes a balance between the internal regions of the body. It is a tonic to the spleen and kidneys and helps regulate stomach functions. Chinese Licorice acts as a blood tonic through its positive effects on the kidneys (bone marrow) and spleen. It sedates and soothes excess fire and helps moisten the lungs and throat.

Chinese Licorice is used throughout the orient simply because of its ability to build and sustain energy. It is highly regarded by those who know and use this most remarkable of Chinese tonic herbs. When used over a long period of time, Chinese Licorice root is said to produce radiant health and prolong life.

Note - Chinese Licorice root is a very different herb from the Western variety of licorice (glycyrrhizae glabra). The Western variety can cause nervousness, an obviously undesirable side-effects when use regularly. To the contrary, Chinese Licorice, (glycyrrhizae uralensis) is energizing but calming and does not have the side-effects associated with Western Licorice. Be sure to use Chinese Licorice root, which is also called gan cao, for all of its wonderful health benefits.

Ingredient - 100% natural Chinese licorice root.

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