Cassia Seed so named "determining brightness" seed by the Chinese because it can help sharpen vision. This Chinese herb is specially good for conditions related to eyes and vision problems such as blurry vision, pain and discomfort, congestion, swelling, itchiness, redness and sensitivity to light caused by inflammation of the liver. It can also be used when there is headache alongside some of the above symptoms.

The Chinese as a daily tea has used Cassia Seed since ancient times to help improve vision or promote clear vision. It has slightly cold energy, so it can help relieve heat congestion and excess heat accumulations in the liver in particular. This native Chinese herb is also useful when there is either chronic or acute constipation accompanying liver moisture deficiency. In addition, test has shown that Cassia Seed is effective at lowering cholesterol and reducing blood pressure with regular use.

Ingredient - 100% natural cassia seed.

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