Arrhythmias are abnormal rhythms of the heart and may be as fleeting as a single missed heartbeat or they may be more serious, causing the heart to beat, irregularly or unusually fast or slowly for extended periods of time. This condition is usually caused by improper functioning of electrical system cells in the heart and can result in an insufficient supply of blood being carried to the body's tissues.

Forever Health Cardiac Aid Chi is a natural herbal supplement used to benefit people with such heart-rhythm disorders. This formula has been used by the Chinese for centuries as a general heart tonic. It's primary function is to nourish and strengthen the heart muscle and increase the blood flow to the heart, helping it beat more strongly and gradually restoring rhythm. It is also vital for coordinating the activity of nerves and muscle in the heart to help stabilize the heartbeat correcting minor cardiac arrhythmia.

Ingredients - 100% natural rehmannia, prince ginseng, dong quai, dan shen, Chinese licorice, curcuma, jujube, ligusticum, pinellia, tree peony.

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