Forever Health Bowel Build Chi is formulated of select Chinese herbs specifically for enhancing and maintaining proper colon health. It provides energy to the colon and helps stimulate and strengthen the intestinal walls by promoting increased peristaltic action in order to facilitate regular and forceful bowel movements. Strong and frequent bowel movements is essential to good health, preventing waste matter from accumulating in the colon which can create a cesspool where harmful bacteria can breed and spread toxins throughout the body. Many health specialists cite this as one of the root causes for many of the diseases that we face today. Hence the occasional need for a colon-cleansing laxative to help sustain healthy bowel health. Forever Health Bowel Build Chi is an ideal Chinese herbal supplement for restoring strength and muscle tone in the intestine.

Due to the high fiber and mucilage contents of the Chinese herbs in its formula, Bowel Build Chi is also widely used to help relieve and prevent constipation. Additional benefits include increasing bowel lubricity, loosen and clearing up colon blockage, dispersing gas formation, and reducing cramps in the intestinal tract caused by insufficient fluid and fiber in the intestine or a sluggish intestine. This natural Chinese herbal formula is especially useful for those with deficient digestive energy such as the elderly or postpartum women.

Ingredients - 100 % natural rehmannia, senna, dan shen, cynomorium, da huang, magnolia, donq quai, areca seed, cyathula, psyllium seed, flaxseed, rhubarb.

Forever Health Bowel Build Chi (60 capsules) - $13.99  To Order

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