Blood pressure is defined as the contraction and expansion that regulates the rate of blood flow from the heart throughout the circulatory system. When the arteries become constricted or the buildup of fatty deposits slow or restrict the circulation of the blood it can lead to a condition of hypertension or high blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension is a relatively common condition among people in the United States. There are numerous prescription drugs that are used to control high blood pressure symptoms but nearly all have some sort of side effects such as fatigue, depression, impotence, insomnia and liver inflammation.

Fortunately there is now a more natural approach to help high blood pressure sufferers that is devoid of these side-effects. Forever Health Blood Pressure Chi is such an herbal supplement used extensively by the Chinese to help lower high blood pressure naturally. It is a natural herbal blood builder and can help increase oxygen and blood flow to the heart. It can assist in dispersing plaque and help widen blood vessels to achieve an increase in the rate of blood flow throughout the body. It is also used to help relax the muscle that control the blood vessels and normalize the increased nervous system activity associated with high blood pressure.

For centuries the Chinese have relied on its all-natural herbal ingredients to help nourish the heart and liver in order to reduce blood pressure by tonification. Due to its cooling nature, Blood Pressure Chi can help reduce liver inflammation and stagnation in order to achieve a balance of blood pressure in the body. This is essential to lowering high blood pressure, because it is believed there is a direct link to healthy liver function and stabilization of pressure of blood, as the liver is seem as the regulator and controller of the amount of blood that is supplied to the heart.

Ingredients - 100% natural morus, cassia seed, peony, lycium, rehmannia, ostrea, prunella, kudzu, chrysanthemum, dan shen.

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