The importance of the blood in maintaining good health cannot be overstated. The Chinese describes blood as the "mother of energy" in the sense that blood forms the basic building materials and fluid substances that is required to nourish the essential life essence of our being. Thus blood is represented as a receptacle for sustaining our life energy.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the function of the blood is many and varied. Besides providing material nourishment, the blood also provides the necessary moisture needed by the internal organs to function properly. Insufficient blood or blood deficiencies can cause many problems in the body such as weakness, inability to concentrate, hot flashes, increase susceptibility to infections, shortness of breathe, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, palpitation, anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness, headache and diminished sex drive. In particular women are especially susceptible to blood deficiencies due to their monthly menstrual cycles. In addition because the life span of blood cells are relatively short, the blood needs to be constantly replenished within the body to ensure that it function properly.

The Chinese are known for using natural herbs and herbal formulas for addressing these types of blood deficiencies. Forever Health Blood Chi is an excellent natural herbal blood tonic for this purpose. Regular consumption of Blood Chi will help supply the necessary component and moisture needed to ensure adequate blood production in the body. This in turn will result in increased level of energy, improved immunological response to stress and sickness, sense of well-being and improved longevity. Forever Health Blood Chi all natural Chinese herbal formula has many functions as follows:

Ingredients - 100% natural eclipta, white peony, lycii, polygonum, mulberry, jujube seed, dan shen, rehmannia.

Note - for maximum effectiveness supplement Blood Chi with a good herbal blood tonic tea such as Sang Ji Sheng tea or Superior Nature Lubrication formula is highly recommended.

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