Appetite Suppress Chi has been used to curb or reduce the appetite for the purpose of losing weight (when combine with metabolic stimulating supplement such as Metabo Chi, Thermo Slim Chi, Fat Grab Chi, Digest Chi, or Ultra Fen-Chi) . It contains rich sources of fiber and mucilage substances that contribute to a feeling of fullness in the stomach so that fewer calories are consumed during meals. This Chinese herbal formula is an ideal supplement for the generally poor fiber content foods that constitutes the modern processed diet. The fiber is essential for improving health as it will help scrub and remove waste buildup from the intestinal walls preventing an accumulation of disease breeding toxins in the bowels.

It is also used to help stabilize blood sugar level in the blood, which will help control the craving for sweets. As a tonic for the stomach and spleen, it is said to help regulate and balance the appetite response. Appetite Suppress Chi will also help soothe and reduce inflammation of the stomach as an another mean to suppress appetite, as the Chinese believe that excess craving for sweets and an insatiable appetite can be attributed to excess heat accumulation in the stomach.

Ingredients - 100% natural rehmannia, fritillaria, niu xi, lilyturf, prunus, coptis, Chinese yam, xuan shen, goldthread rhizome, corktree, zhi mu, peony.

* needs to be combine with Metabo Chi, Thermo Slim Chi, Fat Grab Chi, Digest Chi, or Ultra Fen-Chi in order to achieve weight loss. For more info on effective weight loss please see TCM way to lose weight.

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